Why Recycle Your Business Waste?

RecyclingBusinesses can gain a number of benefits from recovering and recycling their waste. Having good practices in place will enable you to:

Comply with waste regulations

Businesses now face increased legal obligations for their waste. Adopting better waste practices now makes it easier to comply with existing regulations and enables you to be better prepared for any future legislation that may come in to place.

Enhance company image and public relations

Ilegal dumping, fly-tipping or evading waste compliance could lead to prosecution and public disclosure of fines and/or prison sentence that could ruin your business’ reputation, so engaging in workplace recycling can do wonders for your company’s image.

The nation are becoming much more aware of environmental issues and corporate responsibility, so complying with recycling and proper waste disposal regulations can make your organisation more competitive and improve its standing with customers who seek assurance that their suppliers are operating on a sound environmental basis.

Boost morale among employees

Most of your employees will be recycling at home. Fact. Studies have show that recycling is important to people who want to protect the environment so employees are increasingly looking to their employers to promote recycling within the workplace.

Specific benefits to employees include:

* Improved working conditions

* Cost savings

* ‘Feel-good factor’ in the organisation

* Improved recruitment and retention of staff

Save money

All waste sent to landfill is subject to landfill tax but you can avoid paying this by sending more of your waste for recycling. This tax is in addition to your standard collection costs. Additionally, a recent study found that waste management can cost businesses of all sizes up to 4.5% of their annual turnover, so recycling really is a much more cost effective and sustainable method of dealing with waste.

Environmental benefits

By reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill you are reducing your carbon footprint and the production of powerful greenhouse gases created when biodegradable material is landfilled.

Recycling conserves raw materials and energy.

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