Tunbridge Wells residents could soon be receiving an additional wheelie bin at their properties as Councillor Nasir Jamil is campaigning to replace their two green recycling boxes with a wheelie bin. He believes that the move would solve the ongoing issue of overflowing recycling boxes in the streets.

Residents currently have a green recycling box for paper and cardboard and another for plastic, tins and cans. They also have a green wheelie bin for household waste and brown one for garden waste, but Councillor Nasir Jamil argues that the two boxes should be replaced with a single mixed recycling bin.

He said: “The green recycling boxes provided by the council are not fit for purpose especially for those with back pain because you have to bend to pick them up and put them near the pavement for the waste collection lorry. It also causes problems during heavy wind or rain. 

Because the boxes do not have a lid, the contents create a litter problem.

The paper waste sometimes scatters on the street in case of fast wind. It also makes life difficult for those people who live in flats or have high stairs in their front doors where it is difficult to carry these boxes when they are full.”

The representative for St John’s and Southborough wants to persuade a council group which has been tasked with exploring what a new recycling contract should offer to recommend getting rid of the boxes and introducing the new wheelie bin.

The 10-year recycling and household waste collection contract – which serves more than 48,200 households and is worth £1.7million annually – is coming up for renewal and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council is negotiating a new one for 2019.

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