Petition Demands Action Against ‘Bin Raiders’

More than 1500 residents have signed a petition demanding action from Medway Council and Kent Police to stop ‘bin raiders’ in Chatham, Kent.

Residents are angry after discovering an increasing number of people going through rubbish bags left out for local authority collection, looking for scrap metal to sell and for documents in order to commit identity theft.

Sally Briggs, a nurse manager from Chatham, set up the petition after witnessing shocking behaviour in her neighbourhood.

She said; “I can’t believe what I’m actually seeing. Two weeks ago I saw a man walking down our road with a bike on his pram that still had a lock on it. On another occasion, i saw a woman carrying her shopping inside and when she came back out, there were men going through the rest of the carrier bags”

She added: “ I have seen people using knives and screwdrivers to go through the rubbish and fear someone could get hurt in a confrontation”.

A spokesperson for Medway Neighbourhood Watch Association said it did seem to be a growing problem and areas frequently targeted included Barnsole Road in Gillingham as well as Luton and Wayfield in Chatham.

Medway Council and Kent Police have agreed a series of measures to deter the ‘bin raiders’ including high-visibility patrols. They have also advised residents to take the following steps:

  • Wait to put your bins out for collection as late as possible.
  • Make sure all documentation is shredded or not in the bins.
  • Recycle or Upcycle all metal and electrical waste.

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