Over the last 12 months, Equinox Recycling has enjoyed a remarkable period of growth, which has led to a growing number of vehicles. As always, we are fully committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and as such, we are constantly moving forward with the times and investing in our fleet and staff.

You may remember last year we had a welcome addition to the fleet in the form of a fleet support vehicle, which was fully equipped to respond to breakdowns, carry out repairs and provide roadside assistance to our trucks. Now we have gone one step further by introducing our own tyre team and taking tyre repairs and replacements in-house as well.

The system our tyre team has put in place is designed to ensure that our drivers get the most out of their tyres and that best practice is adhered to, as a way of helping with cost control and boosting operational efficiency.

Equinox Recycling Tyres

We’ve found that about half of all flat tyres caused by a puncture can be repaired, avoiding the need of a replacement tyre and keeping our costs and customer costs down. All tyre repairs are, however, governed by strict rules imposed by the British Standard (BSAU 159) on how and when a tyre can be repaired. Equinox Recycling ensures that all repairs carried out by our tyre team comply fully with these standards.

Our full qualified technicians remove tyres from the wheels and carry out certain mandatory checks before repairing any tyre to ensure that it is suitable to be safely repaired. Any repairs required are then carried out by them.

All new tyres are supplied to us by PTS Tyres. Any old unrepairable tyres from company cars, vans and trucks are recycled by Bobbing Car Breakers, PTS Tyres or Watling Tyres, for a small fee.

The new tyre team is a welcome addition to Equinox Recycling as it enables us to continue providing an efficient, reliable and cost-effective service to our customers. Our technicians have the ability and resources to respond to flat tyres immediately, which minimises the length of downtime and any negative impact that may have on customer collections.

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