Labour MP To Introduce Food Waste Bill

Food Waste

Kerry McCarthy, Labour MP for Bristol East, will be introducing her Food Waste (Reduction) Bill in the House of Commons on 9th September 2016 that aims to address the ‘unsustainable levels of industry food waste’.

The Food Waste (Reduction) Bill, which McCarthy says is receiving strong support from other parties, is supported by food waste campaigning organisations, Feedback and This is Rubbish, as well as by FareShare, WWF-UK, Friends of the Earth and Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming.

The Bill seeks to prevent food waste throughout all levels of the industry’s supply chain using a combination of stricter guidelines and redistribution to charities designated to helping people living in food poverty.

According to a statement from Kerry McCarthy, this legislation is needed as government ‘policies have primarily focused on household food waste…but has largely ignored the waste generated by the food industry throughout its supply chain’.

It also responds to the need to meet the global challenge of feeding a growing population from an increasingly scarce agricultural base. Globally, approximately a third of all food produced is wasted. If this amount was reduced by just 25%, there would be enough to feed everyone on the planet.

McCarthy says that the food industry’s voluntary targets simply aren’t ambitious enough to drive the level of reduction needed, or equal to the challenge of meeting EU and UN targets on food waste reduction.

The Food Waste (Reduction) Bill will:

  • Oblige supermarkets to donate unsold food – along the lines of recent Belgium and French legislative proposals, which was inspired by a wave of popular support for new laws to end the scandal of supermarket food waste. Although the French laws were recently revoked (hopefully temporarily) for legislative procedural reasons – they ignited petitions for similar laws in the UK, and the EC also passed a resolution recommending for this law to be extended across Europe.
  • Require large supermarkets and manufacturers to publish and transparently report their food waste across the supply chain.
  • Set large supermarkets and manufacturers with the task of reducing food waste by 30 per cent by 2025 in line with draft proposals in the European Commission’s Circular Economy package.
  • Require the government to implement incentives (or disincentives) to enforce the food waste hierarchy.

Business Waste & Recycling Services

Environmental Protection Act 1990

If you run a business you are legally responsible under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, for making sure that your waste is collected and disposed of correctly by a licensed waste carrier, regardless of the amount of waste generated.

You must ensure that:

* All waste from your business is kept secure until it’s collected.

* Anyone collecting waste from your business is licensed to carry waste.

* You keep records and a trade waste agreement proving that a licensed waste carrier is removing your waste.

Equinox Recycling is a privately owned company operating a waste and recycling collection service that caters for all sizes of business establishments in Kent. Collectively we have a wealth of knowledge and experience built up from many years working within the industry and that allows our staff to develop tailored solutions for each individual customer.

Our aim is to collect and dispose of your waste in the most economical and environmentally friendly way. We are firmly focussed on diverting waste that can be recycled from landfill and disposing of residual waste at destinations such as Energy from Waste to achieve zero waste to landfill.

We are able to provide a fully comprehensive range of waste management and recycling solutions for all businesses. Using a range of vehicles including trade waste (rubbish sacks & wheeled containers), rear end loaders, skip and Roll On Roll Off, Equinox Recycling operate throughout the South East of England.


* LOCAL – we have a thorough knowledge of the local area so understand the needs of Kent’s businesses.

* AFFORDABLE – we work with you to find the best value solution for your business.

* TRANSPARENT – there are no hidden costs.

* RELIABLE – we operate every day, except for Christmas and Boxing day.

* FLEXIBLE – you can change the number of collections you have at busier or quieter times of the year and we are also equipped to handle emergency or one off collections.

* GREEN – we can help you meet your recycling targets and save money.

For more information please visit our commercial services page or call 0845 520 21 21 to speak with a member of our friendly and experienced sales team.

New Recycling Regulations and TEEP

On the 1st January 2015, new waste regulations came in to effect requiring councils and businesses to collect recyclable materials (paper, metal, plastic and glass) separately from any other waste, unless it is not technically, environmentally and economically practicable (TEEP) to do so.

This revision to the EU Waste Framework Directive applies to all commercial, industrial and household waste and aims to increase not only the quantity of waste for recycling but also the quality of recycled products within the UK.

What does this mean for your business?

If your business produces paper, metal, plastic or glass this new legislation WILL affect you as your waste must be TEEP (Technically, Environmentally and Economically Practicable) compliant. You will now have to ensure that any dry recyclable waste you produce is stored and removed separately from your food and non-recyclable waste. This will reduce contamination and increase the quality of recycled material.

What should businesses do to comply with the changes?

To keep yourself legally compliant under the new regulations, it is your duty as a business or organisation to appoint a licensed waste carrier that is able to provide you with a mixed recycling service for dry recyclables and a general waste service for anything else.

Does your business need to have paper, metal, plastic and glass collected in four separate bins?

Whilst the regulations set separate collection as the default position, they don’t prohibit the use of mixed or commingled collections of paper, metal, plastic and glass as long as it results in a similar quantity of high-quality recyclates, to that achievable by separate collection, or if separate collection isn’t TEEP.

Equinox Recycling offers a comprehensive range of waste management and recycling solutions in Kent including zero waste to landfill. We are committed to collecting and treating our customers waste in the most practicable and efficient way to maximise recycling opportunities.

We already provide a dry mixed recycling service for our customers and this material is sorted at an automated Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), which meets the TEEP requirements. All that we ask from our customers is that only ‘allowable’ materials (paper, cardboard, clean soft plastics, tin cans and plastic drink bottles) are placed in the mixed recycling bins. We provide separate collections for glass and food waste as this allows a higher quality of recycled products to be achieved.

If you feel that your business could recycle more and would like a free waste audit, please call us on 0845 520 21 21 or use the contact form on our website. One of our experienced advisors will be happy to identify how and where we can save you money, where improvements to your waste management can be made and how to reduce the impact your business may be having on the environment.