Carbon Trust Launches Zero Waste To Landfill Certification

The Carbon Trust has launched a new certification for companies that achieve zero waste to landfill.


The Carbon Trust Standard for Zero Waste to Landfill recognizes an organisation’s achievements in reducing its environmental impact through actively diverting its non-hazardous waste streams from landfill by reducing waste, reusing materials, increasing recycling or sending waste to energy recovery.


Its intent is to provide a framework for verifying zero waste to landfill claims, which aligns with the existing Carbon Trust Standard for Waste. This supports organisations that desire independent and credible recognition of their achievements in improved waste management.


The Carbon Trust certifies organisations that achieve year-on-year reductions to their environmental impact, using framework to improve sustainability and efficiency in resource management.


Achieving zero waste to landfill is no mean feat, but It can produce tangible savings through better use of resources and reduced landfill costs. It also demonstrates their commitment to becoming a more sustainable company.


The zero-waste-to-landfill certification is the latest expansion of The Carbon Trust’s work to drive a low-carbon, resource-efficient economy. More recently, TheCarbon Trust has also upped its work on promoting an increased awareness of food labelling. A survey by YouGov and the Carbon Trust found that there are now big opportunities for green-labelled products, services and brands to serve an increasingly environmentally-concerned populace.




Equinox Recycling is firmly focused on diverting waste that can be recycled from landfill and disposing of any residual waste at alternative disposal routes such as Energy from Waste to achieve zero waste to landfill.


Our aim is to collect and dispose of your waste in the most economical and environmentally friendly way.


Collectively we have a wealth of knowledge and experience built up from many years working within the waste management industry. That in-depth knowledge allows our staff to develop tailored solutions for each individual client.


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